Sociology: Syllabus

SOCIOLOGY    1/2 Credit     Grade 11     Elective
Instructor - Mr. Seidel
Room- 202
Offered- Semesters 1 & 2
Course Description
Sociology is the study of human development and human interactions in groups. Students will investigate current social problems that deal with the family, crime and human life issues. Students will have the opportunity to learn and apply various sociological research designs.
Assignments and Assessments
A variety of instructional and assessment methods are used.  These include, but are not limited to, discussion, quizzes, tests, research, and applied sociology.
Attendance and Absence
Attendance is required.  After an absence it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, and make up that work in a timely manner.  I cannot and will not track you down. 
Grades are calculated on a percentage of total points earned from total points possible in accordance with Aquinas standards.  Unfinished, missed, or incomplete work counts as a zero.

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