A School Counselor is…

A person specially trained to help students realize their full potential. Aquinas High School Counselors have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in counseling and are licensed by the state of Wisconsin.

Links to:

Wisconsin School Counselor Association http://www.wscaweb.org/

American School Counseling Association http://www.schoolcounselor.org


Counselors offer support to assist students to…

  • Explore options in career, academic, and personal areas
  • Clarify insight about what is controlling thoughts, and behaviors
  • Explore alternatives
  • Make decisions

Goals of Counseling…

  • To provide a respectful, responsive service for every student
  • To provide confidential support to all students
  • To help individuals understand and appreciate diversity and uniqueness of self and others
  • To demonstrate cooperation with all individuals in a variety of situations
  • To develop skills to promote positive change